Monday, February 4, 2013


The unmitigated cunt that is Chris Huhne is going to jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are counting the days! And hoping that he gets a very well-endowed cell-mate who will be able to reach the innermost parts of Chris that deserve to be "touched" as a thank you for so many of his actions. Karma has taken its time coming. But its arrival is all the sweeter...


Anonymous said...

You are disgusting, and I don't know why you have run this campaign of bile and hate against Chris Huhne for so long.
If only he'd won the Lib Dem leadership in 2007, your precious Clegg would now be odds on to become Deputy PM, with the benefit of a long honeymoon period.
Chris made a mistake, and he will pay for it, presumably your life is so boring that you've never taken risks or made a mistake?
Now you've brought down the greatest Liberal politician since Lloyd George, perhaps you can crawl back into your hole!

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is a very entertaining blog. Clearly Hunhe isnt a particulalry attractive person, but I think you're case against him is weakened slightly be the fact that you seem to have a bit of a personal grudge against him and it comes across as a bit of a hate filled tabloid rant.

Anonymous said...

Please update this soonest....... Laughed myself rigid reading this, its excellent!

Tony G said...

A ballad for Chris

Anonymous said...

Silly Comments:

"Chris made a mistake....."

Commiting a criminal offence a mistake? It was wilfully done, hence no mistake.

".....greatest Liberal politician since Lloyd George."

Not in they eyes of Liberals, it would seem.

Anonymous said...

Chris Huhne will be back. He wrote two books while in prison, and is busy finishing off the manuscripts and no doubt doing a deal for the serialisation rights.

He will be rehabilitated in much the same way as Profumo was a generation ago.