Friday, May 14, 2010

Scum Huhne Rises!

Oh no! Just when we thought we were safe... Huhne has ridden Nick Clegg's popularity surge and slinked into government on Nick's back. The problems facing Nick in the coalition won't be from David Cameron. They will come from his arch-rival Huhne. Just watch. Huhne has his eyes set on the big prize. Clegg had better watch his rear. And when Cameron and co jettison us like a used condom, the voters will reject us at the polls. Who do you think will come to the party's rescue? Why St. Christopher Huhne!

After a long hiatus, this blog is back again and now it's going to keep an eye on Huhne.

We are proud to say that back in December 2007 - with the help of several pals at Cowley Street and some friends of Huhne's own family members (especially pals of his long-suffering two step-daughters who for quite obvious reasons refuse to use his surname) - we helped defeat Huhne for the leadership and ensured that Huhne didn't win. All we did was put out the facts about Huhne. He hated it so much that he bullied Labour blogger Chris Paul into taking down a link to this blog!

Well we have Nick Clegg's back. We'll keep him safe from the deadly Huhne. And we will share any facts you send us about the unsavory piece of crap known as Chris Huhne.

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Clegg, Cameron & Coalition fan said...


By Rosa Prince Political Correspondent Daily Mirror 24/02/2006


HE IS the man of mystery who could become one of the powers of British politics.

Few know anything about Chris Huhne, the former journalist, businessman and MEP tipped by the polls to be the next Liberal Democrat leader.

And that's the way he likes it.

The man who could hold the balance between Gordon Brown and David Cameron if the next general election results in a hung Parliament rarely talks about his background or family.

But when he invites the Daily Mirror to his town house in Clapham, South London, for his first interview about his private life, what a colourful and interesting family it turns out to be.

He tells us his actress mother Ann played Clark Kent's mum in one of the Superman movies."

Later, Rosa Prince adds:

"But Mr Huhne is rather vague about which of the Superman films she was in...."

No surprise there then, Huhne would be vague about that, wouldn't he, Chris Almight? Huhne's mother was never in any of the Superman films.