Saturday, June 19, 2010

And falls!!! Huhne Outed As Love-Rat & Cheat

It didn't take long!

Just one month after climbing on Nick Clegg's back to slither into government, slimy Chris Huhne has had his true colours revealed. The News of the World has discovered that he has been cheating on his beautiful and long-suffering wife Vicky Pryce with a flibberty-gibbet piece of crumpet that he picked up while he was campaigning for the party leadership.

His poor wife. (Well not THAT poor! As Huhne boasted to the Independent in 2008: "I have a very hard-working and extremely intelligent wife, who manages to earn far more than I do."

But poor in the way that after 3 kids and 26 years of marriage - and sinking her money into helping him get out of journalism into City-slicking then into politics - she gets shafted all because Huhne fancies a younger bird. How bloody predictable. You would have thought that a bug-eyed lowlife like Huhne could have been a little more original.

That's not how Huhne wooed Vicky when he seduced her in 1982 and got her to dump her loyal and faithful first husband who had set Vicky up for success. (By the way Vicky's first husband, who was an academic at LSE, is a truly lovely gent who has never stopped loving Vicky even though she betrayed him for the excremental Chris Huhne.)

Think about Vicky's poor kids. The two delightful kids from her first marriage Alexandra and Georgia who refused to take Huhne's name and have always hated him. They wil rally round their mum. They always feared that Slimy Huhne would hurt their mum. How sad for them that they were right.

And what of the three kids that Vicky had with Huhne - Nicholas, Lydia and Peter - as he built-up the nuclear family that he thought would make him such a photogenic Prime Minister (oh he boasted about that among his pals - everyone in his circle knows about that!).

As Huhne tells YouTube viewers:

"I think that fathers' role in parenting is absolutely crucial. I've brought up five children and I regret frankly that through much of my career I've not been able to find as much time as I should have done to spend with my children... Relationships, including particularly family relationships, are actually the most important things in making people happy and fulfilled..."

Maybe now that he doesn't have to send so much time hypocritically posing as a loving husband he can spend a little more time with his "five" children. He won't have to spend TOO much time. His wife's two daughters Alex and Georgia still refuse to have anything to do with him. And the other three kids he did spawn - who by his own admission he ignored much of the time while he was busy hoovering up money in the City - well they know what a rat he is. And their sympathies lie with their mother who Huhne has spat out like a well-chewed moneypot. Which quite frankly is what several of Pryce's closest pals always feared was the true way Huhne regarded his rich wife.

So now the oleaginous Huhne has some new booty to frolic with.

Let's see what more dirt surfaces about this piece of crap who is such a disgrace to our party...

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