Friday, June 25, 2010

Huhne Charged Taxpayers For Servicing Dodgy Old Boiler!

It has been revealed that Liberal Democrat love cheat MP Chris Huhne charged British taxpayers for servicing a dodgy old boiler. The task was included among others in a £1,500 bill he submitted as part of his parliamentary expenses last April.

What is not clear from his expense claim is which of his two dodgy old boilers he was claiming for.

He has a 57-year-old boiler installed at the Clapham home he has been sharing with his wife of 26 years - Vicky Pryce. It is believed to be a "FridgidAire" model which often lives up to its name after several years of usage and becomes icy to the touch.

And he has a 44-year-old boiler at the Eastleigh constituency he is using for love trysts with his lesbian mistress - Carina Trimingham. That boiler is believed to be a slightly newer model that operates off AC/DC power.

It may be a "Dyke-son" - designed by British design whiz Sir James Dyke-son - who also pioneered the concept of not having to get replacement bags for appliances that do a lot of sucking. His slogan "say goodbye to the bag" has proved very popular with frisky middle-age men who like to count their pennies...

We await with interest to learn which of Huhne's two dodgy old boilers got fixed up at our expense.

Meanwhile his expenses bill also included charges for some mastic work, a bit of grouting, some overhauling, applying paint to cover up ugly cracks, something brassy that had to be fixed and an investigation into a "rad" (an abbreviation for "radical") "in the kitchen which isn't working".

A lot of baby-boomer men find that the radical they installed in their kitchen in the 1980s starts to pack up after a few years and refuses to work.

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